Boil Water Advisory (April 2, 2017)

Boil Water Watch

Boil water advisory remains in Picton and Bloomfield


A boil water advisory issued on March 30 remains in place for residents connected to the Picton and Bloomfield water system despite the successful recovery of a partially submerged barge in Picton Bay on Saturday afternoon.

A bulk water station where residents can purchase potable water has been set up in Wellington at the Wellington and District Community Centre on 111 Belleville St.

The dispensing unit is coin-operated and has a one-inch connection. The current bulk rate is $3.07 per 1,000 litres. Users are advised to bring a clean connecting hose at least 15 feet in length.

The county is working to install another bulk water unit in Picton. A statement from Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans said all hazardous materials have been removed from the vessel.

The Canadian Coast Guard said it will work together with the provincial Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to sample the water until the area is secure and stable.

During the recovery of the barge, extra efforts were made to contain pollution in the surrounding environment, according to a statement released Saturday by the Canadian Coast Guard.

Additional floating barriers and special vacuums were deployed to collect any run-off from the barge.

“Through expertise and teamwork we were able to re-float the barge safely,” Chris Kirby, director of project management at McKeil Marine Limited, said in a media release.

The barge was repositioned closer to the dock and had two pipe sections removed to make it easier to lift, according to the release. The deck of the barge is now fully out of the water.

Transport Canada is expected to inspect the barge before it is towed to Galcon Marine in Toronto, according to a statement from McKeil Marine.


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